Update VoIP SIP SDK for Android

Please download our latest VoIP SIP SDK for Android:

Change log:

– added method ‘abtoPhone.version()’

– added method ‘abtoPhone.setMwiEventListener’

– added event handler onMwiInfo(int accId, String mime, String text);

– added config methods setMwiEnabled/isMwiEnabled, getContactDetails, getContactDetailsUri

– redesigned config methods set ‘addAccount’

– added new config method ‘addAccount(…, unique) – allows register few accounts

– fixed bug with sending CANCEL (added auth header)

– fixed sending DTMF when received fmtp in upper case

– example app improved with fixes for Android 6

– build *.so libraries with new ffmpeg (prevent crash on video calls)

– added ability to play ringback tone when received ‘180’ OR ‘183’ message from the remote side