Features of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows CE

VoIP SIP SDK for Windows CE allows to build a custom SIP softphone for devices that work on Windows CE and Windows Mobile 6.x.

[widgetkit id=1140] Features of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows CE/Mobile 6.x:

  • Support of SIP, RTP, SRTP, and SDP
  • VoIP SDK ActiveX, COM, and plain dll files support
  • SIP Registrar (SIP server) support
  • Adaptive jitter buffer
  • DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency)
  • SIP Proxy authentication
  • Support of calls: Hold/Retrieve Call, Forward Call (Blind Call Transfer), Transfer Call (Attended Transfer)
  • Software volume control
  • Record conversation into file
  • Playback of WAV files into conversation
  • IM interface
  • Multi-party voice conference
  • Multiline support
  • Mute Sound
  • Support of Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Custom ringtone support (wav format)
  • Redirection of calls to other phone lines
  • Configuration saving and loading
  • TCP support
  • Selecting of media input and output devices
  • Auto-answer
  • Log file on/off setting
  • Prepared samples for programming languages (C++, VB.NET)
  • No yearly/monthly fee

Available codecs:

  • G.711-ALaw
  • G.711-muLaw
  • RFC4733 DTMF tones