Update VoIP SIP SDK for Android

Please download our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for Android.

Change log:
– added support for split APK and AAB distributions, should fix problem with missing video functionality or sound glitches for AAB distribution
– updated example applications to AndroidX
– support file logging on Android 10+ devices
– added method to send unregister requested without removing user account from SDK tracking
– fixed method to get active call ID’s
– fixed TURN authentication
– fixed default TURN port: 3479 => 3478
– option to include server port value in From/To headers
– option to accept call from Bluetooth Headset in one press
– extended logic to retrieve app name for Notification channel when using AbtoNotificationApplication
– VP8 codec landscape and portrait resolution setup
– disabled SDP in OPTIONS response
– added User-Agent header to ACK SIP messages