Update VoIP SIP SDK for Android

Please download our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for Android.

Change log:
– added option ‘videoFps’ to change video capture FPS count
– added option ‘setVideoBitrate’ to set H264 and VP8 encoder bitrate
– added option to force STUN resolution for local IP addresses
– added options to change Jitter buffer values like JbInit, JbMinPre, JbMaxPre, JbMax
– added option to change iLBC mode 20 or 30 (30 by default)
– added option to enable/disable QoS
– added support for Opus encoder customization: FEC, VBR/CBR, bitrate, etc
– added option to change codec PTime if applicable
– record sound of played wav file during call recording
– cover more cases to restore saved Audio Session mode when call ends
– improved SDK stability, fixed timer related crashes
– print RTCP statistics on call end at log level 5en
– disable close actions on SDK based incoming call notifications
– event ‘OnInfoEventListener’ to receive SIP INFO packets