Update VoIP SIP SDK for Android

New version of VoIP Video SIP softphone SDK for Android was finally released.

The latest version of the SDK includes many updates including features requested by our customers for recent 6 months: change of log level and ability to rotate video during the call. Also we added the following new methods to AbtoPhoneConfig: getAccountExpire, getAccountDisplayName, getAccountCallURL, isAccountRegistered.

VoIP SIP SDK for Android - Sample SettingsFor newcomers and repeated customers here is the full list of our technical features of SDK for Android:

  • STUN support
  • ICE support
  • User Agent name support
  • SIP port change
  • Available SIP port check
  • Bluetooth support
  • Second registration
  • UDP/TCP support
  • Different networks support (WiFi, GPRS, 3G, EDGE)
  • Registration proxy support
  • sRTP support
  • Log support

VoIP Video SIP SDK for Android - SampleAlso you can use the following user features of VoIP SIP SDK for Android:

  • Set a custom ringtone
  • Use softphone with no registration (useful for calls in local network)
  • Communicate via IM chat
  • Check Call history
  • Store and use Contacts list
  • Play File to conversation
  • Put a call on Hold
  • Record a Call
  • Send DTMF (useful for calls to call center)
  • Enable/disable Video, Microphone and Speaker during the call

Codecs support: Speex, GSM, PCMU, PCMA, ISAC, ILBC, G.729, H.264, H.263.
To try the latest version of VoIP Video SIP SDK for Android please proceed to our download page.

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