Update for VOIP SIP SDK for Android

Change log:

  • added new config option setDisableAutomaticVideoDevicesRefresh to disable video device refresh on subsequent initialize or initializeForeground method calls;
  • added method refreshVideoDevices to explicitly refresh video devices;
  • added methods to query current license setup: getLicenseUserId and getLicenseKey;
  • embed ProGuard/R8 rules for release builds support out of the box;
  • fixed REGISTER retransmission in case of missing response from server side or a bunch of SIP response issues should fix some issues with when the app is in the background;
  • fixed issues related to SDK call handling during calls from other sources on the device: cellular calls or SIP calls: ringtone playback on second call hangup, Android 11 and 12 support, etc;

Try new features by downloading our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for Android.