Android VOIP SIP SDK running in background



Over the years, Android users have been experiencing system improvements in what concerns security and privacy. At the same time, the new Android versions have introduced several behavioral changes, which impact the way activities are run.

Moreover, starting from Android 10 Google imposes more restrictions on starting activities from the background. Specifically, the system restricted starting activities from the background and limited the ability of applications in the background to access user input and sensor data.

These changes are directed to improving battery life and providing a better user experience. On the other side, users must be provided with some alternatives to start activities from the background and detect sensor events.

Our VoIP SIP SDK for Android can offer such alternative solutions:

The first option is the ability to work in the background even on Android 8+, though in this case app will consume device resources like memory, CPU, network and battery, but this ensures that the app can work with VoIP functionality.

The second scenario is the possibility of VoIP SIP SDK in promoting usage of Google services such as Google Cloud Messaging. Our VoIP development team will provide the best service to its users as it has extensive experience in configuring Push Notifications.

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