VoIP SIP SDK Video Guide

ABTO Software provides VoIP SIP SDK Video Guide – educational video clip about its winning solution VoIP SIP SDK (https://voipsipsdk.com).
The video clip demonstrates the most important features of the SDK using a sample application, including:

  • Elements of the main application window.
  • SIP account registration (you can get trial sip account on iptel.org).
  • How to configure solution using Settings (select devices, set proxy, enhance sound, enable/disable video, use config files, and select audio and video codecs).
  • How to perform a call (from outgoing and incoming perspective).
  • How to use special functions (Tranfer, Join, Forward a Call; Play file into conversation; Record a Conversation; Put Call on Hold; Hang Up) available during the connection.

You can watch our video clip here:

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