Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

ABTO Software announces new version of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows (both 8 lines and 64 lines versions with/without video and video conference).
New VoIP SIP SDK for Windows version includes updates for latest 6 months. You are welcome to download the latest SDK on our website.

You can have a look at the log of the most important changes of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows here:

284. Redesigned setting ‘CallInviteTimeout’
Now SDK allows to apply it before call and use different timeouts for different calls.

285. Improved sending video encoded with H264
Modifed packetization code

288. Added ability autodetect network interface when proxy server is set (instead of registration domain)

289. Improved code of receiving sound from audiodevice.
Added ability to detect how long component is waiting for data from device
and disable its functionality.

290. Modified Unregister procedure.
Now SDK always appends SIP header “Expire=0”

292. Added new method
UpdateCall(LONG ConnectionId, BSTR FromDisplName);
293. Added new event:
OnRemoteAlerting2(LONG ConnectionId, LONG LineId, LONG responseCode, BSTR reasonMsg);

294. Improved method StartCall (StartCall2).
Added one more argument ConnectionId as return result, which allows easier track events from created connection.
295. Improved handling Trying message, now SDK returns proper connectionId in event OnRemoteAlerting
296. Improved threadsave – added code which has help to avoid possible crashes with HangUpLastCall

297. Fixed bug with clearing/creating multiple calls
When create new calls fast enough, it’s possible situation when call is allowed, but mixer port is not ready.

298. Fixed sound issue with repeatedly playing wav files
299. Fixed crash when make multiple calls and start playing files

302. Fixed possible crash in method StartRecording, when user passes path, which doesn’t exist

303. Fixed playing default ring tone
304. Added log file item to track playing mode (detect MixerFilePlayerEnabled)
305. Modified method SendRequestInfo, added argument ‘string contentType’

307. Fixed bug with simultaneous playing multiples files
when method PlayFile invoked after established incoming call
308. Fixed bug with receving DTMF as SIP INFO without specified tone duration

309. Improved method SendRequestInfo (Brian), now it allows to set fully qualified content type
Improved event OnReceivedInfoEvent – now it returns fully qualified content type

310. Updated help file

311. Added new method GetSIPMessageLine

312. Modified CAbtoPhone::ApplyConfig
Now SDK will throw exception when app tries to apply new settings during active call(s).

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