Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Latest version of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows is available.

Change log:

330. Removed port audio/port mixer dependencies.
Audio subpart of project rewritten using original sipxtapi sources with improvements.

331. Added new method StartCall3, allows update From header in outgoing invite request.

332. Added ability to disable mic/spkr device via selecting device name “None”.

333. Rewritten internal mixer implementation.
Fixed issue when sound volume increases after joining to conference few calls.

334. Added ability to disable dmp creation (DmpCreateEnabled).

335. Modified default initial value for outgoing RTP timestamps.

336. Updated implementation of methods:
RestartAudioSubsystem – tries to use audio devices which were previously connected.
RestartAudioSubsystemEx – tries to switch between primary/secondary audio devices or use default when not found.
SyncDevicesList – returns updated list of audio/video/network devices.

337. Improved recording features.
Now in mixer modу SDK records same voice which local user hears+local mic.
Fixed bug with auto-stop recording when call cleared, on another line.

338. Fixed bug with returning properties value Config.RingToneFile/Config.LogFile.

339. Added ability to set QoS DSCP value for audio/video packets.

340. Fixed bug with parsing presence status from received NOTIFY message.

Download new version of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

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