Updated VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Dear customers and partners, please download the latest version of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows from our website

Changes list:

197. Modified default path to config file phoneCfg.ini and log files
SDK tries to find config file AppData folder, when not found – in current folder.
For WinXP it’s folder: “C:\Documents and Settings\-USER-\Local Settings\Application Data\VoIP Video SIP SDK”
For Win7  it’s folder: “C:\Users\-USER-\AppData\Local\VoIP Video SIP SDK”

198. Fixed potential crash when try to make multiple short calls

199. Fixed dead lock when remove USB audio device

200. Fixed issue with disappeared sound, when changed audio device in runtime
201. Added new property IConfig::get_ExSipAccountStr
202. Added new method IAbtoPhone::StopPlaybackLine(LONG lineId)
203. Added new method IAbtoPhone::SyncDevicesList.

204. Added new method IAbtoPhone::SetRtpSSRC(LONG audioSSRC, LONG videoSSRC)
205. Corrected applying LocalAudioEnabled flag

204. Added ability to change audio device without restart phone instance
205. Modified generation string argument in event OnRegistred.
Added account idx and registration failure reason
“Registration removed: 200 OK ExAccountIdx:0”
“Registration failure: 403 Invalid password provided  ExAccountIdx:1
“Registration success: 200 OK ExAccountIdx:0”

206. Fixed potential crash when remove all reg accounts
207. Some corrections in example MlSampleWindowCPP_MultipleSIPAcounts
208. Fixed applying displName in registration accounts
209. Fixed line index selection in PlayFileLine/StopPlaybackLine

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