Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Download an important update of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows:

Change log:

– Added ‘Opus’ codec to x64 SDK build

– Modified code, which manages RTP ports range per instance. Now it uses only even numbers

– Added ability to cleanup video windows when call ended

– Added code, which prevents bind to same port, assigned to few instances

– Fixed bug when app tries to clear ‘CallerId’

– Fixed bug with loading certificates. Now SDK loads them from folder with SDK dll.

– Added code, which prevents invoke ‘Initialize’ twice

– Added ability ot use random port number for SIP (set config.ListenPort=0).

Default SIP port now is 5065 – prevents receiving incoming calls from bots,

when app works on computer with public IP address)

– Added new method ‘GetVideoFrame’ – returns memory buffer with received video frame

– Added new method ‘TogglePausePlayingFile’

– Added code which prevents crash when short RTP packet received

– Added new method ‘SendTextMessage2’ (allows set Content-Type)