Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Download an important update of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows:

Change log:

– Fixed bug when app set new network interface, SDK doesn’t bind transport to it;

– Fixed lock on app destroy;

– New codecs build: Opus, g726, g722;

– Redesigned code which allows to insert the custom SIP headers;

– Fixed bad quality sound of G729 in multiple calls mode;

– Added ability to set SessionName (s=) in SDP.

Use code: cfg.AdditionalSDPContent(“SessionName|switchblade”)

– Fixed bug with updating/storing multiple accounts settings;

– Redesigned sending Hold event;

Now SDK raises it when received confirmation from remote side;

– Fixed bug with clearing proxy setting;

– Disabled sending unregister when app updates ‘RegExpire’ setting;

– Added the new properties ‘RingToneFileOnCallWaiting’,  ‘RingToneFileOnCallWaiting’ – play tone only once;

– Added ability to send series of DTMF tones

Use the newly added method SendToneExLine2, or existing SendTone;