Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Please download our latest VoIP SIP SDK for Windows.

Change log:

– Fixed sending tones when received fmtp string in uppercase – “TELEPHONE-EVENT”

– Fixed bug with freezing when unplugging usb audio.

– Modified methods declaration in dll interface

– Fixed ‘codec_g722.dll’, ‘codec_g726.dll’ now they don’t require additional dll

– Redesigned code which calculates port number depending on SDK instance number

– Enabled codec ‘Speex NB  15,000bps’

– Fixed possible crash on app exit (redesigned destroy order)

– Added new method ‘MuteRecorder’ – disables capturing local/remote sound, but doesn’t stop recording

– Added new setting ‘RingToneOnCallWaitingEnabled’ – blocks playing ringtone when SDK has already established call

– Added new property ‘RingerDevice’

– Added new example application ‘MlSampleWindowCS_Hist’ C# wpp with calls history