Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Please download our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows:

Change log:
– Added new methods RetrieveCall(int lineId), HoldCall(int lineId)
– Fixed C# wrapper – set same class names name as ActiveX interface has
– Added ability to set noise reduction levels phone.NoiseReductionEnabled = 0,1,2,3,4
– Fixed bug with PlayVideoFile
– Added url encode for CallerId (When callerId contains ‘@’ or ‘”‘ SDK generated wrong request)
– Added ability to set special tone duration: phone.SendToneExLine2(line, 0, “SPECIAL_fastbusy”, 2000, 1,0,0);
– Added new method ‘LineIdByConnId’ – returns LineId by specified connectionId
– Added new event OnEstablishedCall2
– Added date_time to log file names
– Modifed code, which answers on OPTIONS request, now it adds SDP only when request contains ‘Accepts’ header
– Fixed decoding G729 with enabled silence supression