Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Please download our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows:

Change log:

– Fixed issue with empty list of audio devices on WinXP;
– Fixed case with ending the call, which was transferred, but transfer didn’t finish;
– Added ability to capture ‘200 OK’ request, sent as answer on incoming call;
– Fixed handling case AnswerWithVideo (LocalVideoEnabled=1 + AnswerCall);
– Added code, which doesn’t start ringtone when second incoming call received;
– Added ability to raise ‘OnReceivedSipNotifyMsgInDialog’ when received NOTIFY during transfer;
– Added abilty to record file and buffer in the same time;
– Fixed potentials crash on switching audio devices;
– Fixed potential crash on decoding video;
– Added code, which has to reduce audio delay;
– Added ability to raise ‘OnReceivedRequestUpdate’ when received INVITE/UPDATE from remote side;
– Fixed bug in method StartCallAcc. Now SDK converts number to URI using domain of specified account.