Update VoIP SIP SDK for iPhone

Please download our latest VoIP SIP SDK for iPhone:

Change log:

– Added ICE support (option ‘enableIce’)
– Added new CallKit example app
– Added ability to set RTP ports range. Use property ‘rtpPort’
– Fixed call transfer callback
– Added new option ‘enableDoubleReg’
– Added ability to display packets counters in example app (menu ShowRTT on CallInProgress screen)
– Added new method ‘startCall’ with ability to set own Call-ID
– Improved VP8 implementation
– Redesigned IPv6 implementation
– Video call improvements
– Added new option ‘setTLSVerifyServer’
– Added new option ‘enableSipsSchemeUse’
– Fixed code which parses H263 codec params (now it allows to use H263 with empty fmtp string)
– Fixed handling bool argument in method MuteLocalVideo. Now it works same as muteMic
– Added new method ‘startCall’ with ability to set own headers