Update VoIP SIP SDK for iOS

Please download our latest update of VoIP SIP SDK for iPhone:

Change log:
– Framework transitioned to XCFramework format
– seemless Swift language support without need to use Bridging Header, just import AbtoSipClientWrapper
– updated CallKit Swift sample with latest changes to CallKit handling
– advanced CallKit+PushKit Swift sample with common interface wrapped in easy to use class with delegate to adapt to user server side Push implementation
– added support to initiate call from Contacts(native iOS phone book) or via Siri in CallKit and PushKit Swift samples
– simulator support for ARM based Macs
– log SDK method usage (log level 5) and option to disable it
– route to wired headset and fallback to internal speaker when setBluetoothOn or setSpeakerPhoneOn is false
– added flag to make SRTP optional during call
– added flag to include transport in Contact header
– fixed crash on iOS Simulator related to video bitrate setup
– fixed incorrectly raised onRegistrationFailed event when calling finalizeConfiguration and registration is already in progress
– fixed Unattended ( Blind ) call transfer
– fixed crash when access AbtoPhone config property in background thread
– reduced REGISTER retry interval
– added TURN support, 5 new options available:turnTransport, enableTurn, turn, turnUsername, turnPassword
– fixed default TURN port: 3479 => 3478
– option to force IPv4 or IPv6 only transports: transportIpVersion
– force VP8 to generate keyframe every 3 seconds
– added ability to disable audio session handling in SDK which better suits CallKit implementation
– transport destroy enhancements