Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

New version of VoIP SIP SDK v4.7 (build 15.01.2014) for Windows includes the following main changes:

271. Improved external address resolution via STUN
Now it works much faster. Also SDK uses this even when seleected TCP transport
272. Improved mlSampleWindowCS example
Added STUN Combobox, Added “EnableVideoCall” checkbox,
Added ability to display used IP address and SDK version.
273. Added ability to generate and send baudot message as string
Method SendBaudotString.
274. Fixed bug with setting default baud speed
Added ability to set ti via property TonesBaudRate
275. Added new method RestartAudioSubsystemEx(BSTR PrimaryPlaybackDvc, BSTR SecPlaybackDvc, BSTR PrimaryRecordDvc, BSTR SecRecordDvc)
276. Added new method GetSIPHeaderValueArr, returns array of values of specified header name.
277. Added ability to mute local video.
Added new method MuteLocalVideo
278. Improved method RetrieveExternalAddress.
Now it returns IP and port.

To try the latest SDK version please proceed to the Download form.

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