SDK update (Jan 15, 2013)

We released new version of VoIP SIP SDK. Recent changes list:


Added new method
IAbtoPhone::StartSendingNoise(LONG Tone1AmpPromille, LONG Tone2AmpPromille, LONG IntervalMs, LONG FrequencyHz)

Modified handling early media in cases when remote side generates different values for field ‘Tag’ in header ‘To’

Added new method IAbtoPhone::HasSIPBodyVideoMedia
Returns true when SDP section of INVITE/OK SIP header contains ‘m=video’ media
Fixed possible crash when applied new settings with/without VideoDevice

Fixed timestamp outgoing RTP packets from H264 codec
Modified StartSendingNoise method, allowed change noise settings multiple times

Added new functionality to prevent lost DTMF
a. Default payload type for DTMF codec is set to 101, instead of 99
b. Added code that checks is used same payload type for send-receive dtmf
If not – add one more decoder for dtmfPayloadType received from remote side
Default video frames sample rate set to 15fps, instead of 25

Please download the latest version.

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