SDK Update (Feb 01, 2013)

We released new version 4.6 of VoIP SIP SDK. Recent changes list:
234. Added new functionality to prevent lost DTMF:
a. Default payload type for DTMF codec is set to 101, instead of 99.
b. Added code that checks is used same payload type for send-receive DTMF.
If not – add one more decoder for dtmfPayloadType received from remote side.

235. Default video frames sample rate set to 15fps, instead of 25.

236. Fixed option LocalTonesEnabled.
Now when it’s set to 0 – SDK will not play tones/files/noise/buffer on local side.

237. Modified method SetConnectionContributionRelated/SetConnectionContributionRelatedLocal.
Now it applies only OutputGain.

238. MlSampleWindowCPP –
a. Added [FullScreen video] feature.
b. Added [Video call enabled] option in Settings form.

239. Improved video rendering time. Fixed possible crash on resize video form.
240. Modified setup script – now default application is MlSampleWindowCpp.
To download the latest version please contact us or use the download form on the website.

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