VoIP SIP SDK update

Dear clients and new visitors of our website please download the latest version of our VoIP SIP SDK for Windows.

Please have a look at the list of recent changes to the SDK. In particular, we have made the following updates:

  1. Redesigned audio devices selection.
  2. Redesigned SIP SRV. Added new methods: DnsSrvLookup, DnsSrvGetDetails.
  3. Added new methods to IConfig: LoadFromStr, StoreAsStr.
  4. Fixed bug with the device names shortened to 32 symbols.
  5. Fixed sending Cancel. In the older versions when call was initiated, but not answered SDK sent BYE, then CANCEL. Now it sends CANCEL.
  6. Added ability to send ‘Flash’ event.   Invoke: m_AbtoPhone->SendToneEx(_T(‘F’), 100, TRUE, TRUE, FALSE).
  7. Fixed bug with timeout between RTP event packets. Now SDK always uses 20ms.
  8. Modified methods SendTone/SendToneEx. Now they return error when previous tone was not stopped or tone can not be started.
  9. Modified UnHold. Now SDK ignores status of RemoteHold.

ABTO Software’s VoIP SIP SDK team

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