Update VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Download an important update of VoIP SIP SDK for Windows:


Change log:

– Modified config file format, now it’s UTF-8;

– Fixed timestamp in video RTP packets;

– Added code, which prevents loading codecs multiple times by few instances;

– Fixed potential crash on handling SIP OPTIONS request;

– Modified SDP string of Opus codec;

– Added ability to disable dmp creation ‘dmpCreateEnabled=-1’;

– Added new properties ‘RingerVolume’, ‘RingerMuted’;

– Added ability to specify bitrate for video codecs via ‘config.VideoBitRate’, set default value as 300’000;

– Added ability to replay all SIP messages back to sender (server), ignore ‘Contact’ header;

– Added ability to insert ID3 tags to recorded mp3 file as params in path to file


– Fixed possible crash when SDK tries to decode not-decryped video stream;

– All dll and exe files are digitally signed;