New version of SDK for Android

ABTO Software offers a new version of its winning VoIP SIP SDK for Android. VoIP SIP SDK 2 provides a new set of methods and functions. Here is a change log for 2013:

11. Added a new method playRingbackTone(boolean enable) in AbtoPhoneCfg class. Enabling or disabling native ringback tone when outgoing call starts.

12.Added a new method sendTone(char tone) to AbtoPhone class and onToneReceived event.
13.Changed return type of getCallLogs to List.

14.Added functions to set capturer and renderer and make video call.

15.Added rotateCamera function in AbtoPhone class.

16.Changed design of the sample application.

18.Changed CallLog and SipProfileState foreign key to SipProfile from id to acc_id.
19.Removed adding proxy when param is null.

20.Added parameter to double registration in addAccount function.
21.Added event to receive dtmfs.

22.Added method to change signaling transport to UDP or TCP.
23.Added call id to disconnect listener.

24.Added getCallLog method to get Call log by id and added OnCallLogAddedListener event listener that calls when call log is added to database.

25.Added ability to adjust volume and microphone levels.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
Try a new version of the SDK on our download page to build a custom softphone app.

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