New release of HTML5 softphone

VoIP SIP SDK team is happy to present the new release of HTML5 SIP softphone. This solution allows to make VOIP calls directly from the web page and didn’t require to set up any software.

Please download our latest version of HTML5 softphone.


Short manual how to test calls on example web page:

1/ Download demo of HTML5 SIP softphone from our website.

2/ Unzip the folder with downloaded files before opening the web page.

3/ From combo-box “Select account” chose one of hard coded SIP accounts on our test SIP server.

4/ Click button “Register” – app will send SIP REGISTER request, using credentials of selected account

5/ In editbox “Call to” enter sip address of remote side(page).
For example – when you open web page on 2 computers,
on first one select account “101”,
on second one select account “103”,
and would like to make a call from first to second (101 -> 103),
enter address “” and click “Call” button

6/ On second page you’ll see Incoming call notification
Click “Accept” button to answer this call or “Reject” – to break

7/ Click “Hang-up” button to break established call.

Please pay attention that HTML5 SIP Softphone solution is JavaScript softphone implementation on the basis of WebRTC and requires SIP server that accepts WebSocket connections.