ABTO Software is proud to announce ABTO VoIP SIP SDK 4.0

ABTO Software has developed a new product on the basis of our winning software VoIP SIP SDK (version 3.0.12). VoIP SIP SDK allows quick building of softphone (sip client) using ready-to-use samples, prepared on multiple programming languages. Also it can be used for adding VoIP features to other software solutions such as CRM systems or development of custom office solutions like reception desks or call centers.

After essential modifications to the software, including adding video support, porting the solution to Windows Phone, and enabling encryption support, we released a new product that is available in the following versions:
– standard version;
– video version;
– mobile version;
– full version.

Standard version has all features of the old version of VoIP SIP SDK. Additionally, it includes all improvements to the main functionality. All our customers with continuing support period are able to receive a new key to standard version with no additional payments. If the support period has expired, the customers can buy additional support period with a discount and receive a new license key.

Video version has the same functionality as standard version and additionally supports video stream. Current customers are able to upgrade their standard version to video version with a discount.

Mobile version is our standard version ported to Windows Phone platform. It supports most of functionality of the desktop version, except video. All our current customers are able to purchase the mobile version with a discount.

Full version includes all the versions in single suite and allows receiving several licenses for each of the product versions.

All the versions of ABTO VoIP SIP SDK 4.0 provide support of SRTP (secure RTP) to encrypt the communication using public and private keys.


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