Try Video SIP Softphone solutions

ABTO Software offers a variety of solutions that support video call using H.263 and H.264 video codecs and enable to build a custom video sip softphone:

  • VoIP Video SDK for Windows

It supports a single video connection. Softphone can have up to 8 lines per sample (standard version) or up to 64 lines per sample (multi-line version). You can put one connection on hold and establish video connection via another line. Read more

  • Video Conferencing SDK for Windows

It supports video conference between multiple (3+) connections by means of the client. This unique feature can not be provided by regular sip server, which supports only audio conference. Read more

  • VoIP Video SDK for iPhone

Currently it supports a single video connection. Read more

  • VoIP Video SDK for Android

Only single video connection at the moment. Read more

  • RTP Video SDK
RTP SDK provides ability to send/receive media (sound and video) by RTP protocol. Read more
  • Custom video softphone solutions
On the basis of our SDKs we can develop custom softphone solutions like intercom, baby watcher, video chats etc. Contact us to request an estimate.
  • Video Webphone

We can develop a custom webphone on the basis of Flash/HTML5 library. You can find more details on the corresponding pages.

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