Solutions on the basis of VoIP SIP SDK – Case Studies

Solutions on the baces of VoIP SIP SDK  case studies

VoIP SIP SDK is program product created by ABTO Software for developers and companies that need sip client solutions. There are the following main purposes of VoIP SIP SDK:

– development of custom softphone client;
– adding VoIP features to your desktop and web applications.

The first purpose can be achieved by customizing ready-to-use sample applications, written in several programming languages (C++, C#, VB etc) to develop client softphone that can be utilized by the end-users. The softphone can be re-branded with company name and logo of the customer and have only required number of features. It is possible both prepare a new product for the market or organize comfortable communication in customer’s or your own office.

Adding VoIP features is another example of application of SIP SDK Tool capabilities, yet for another software product. It could be, for example, full-functional CRM system or well-developed web portal. Our client softphone can be fully integrated into such software and provide ability to phone other users, including use of contact list and quick access to the defined users via links.

In addition to this, it is possible to use VoIP SIP SDK to solve specific issues to minimize expenses on execution of typical business processes at the office. This document provides brief information about several examples of practical application of VoIP SIP SDK in order to organize execution of the following tasks:

1. Reception Desk
2. Survey Execution
3. Bluetooth Implementation
4. Fax Solution

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