PictureWindow Software LLC
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your Abto SIP SDK. I evaluated a lot of SIP toolkits and also a lot of finished SIP products. Most of them were buggy or were very finicky to get configured properly. Your SDK was easy to get started with and all of the SIP functions that you’ve implemented work properly. Your documentation was concise and included code snippets to reinforce the concepts. You provided complete sample applications in several programming languages and the examples worked without modification.

Thank you for a quality product. I had a very tight time schedule to convert an existing legacy PC console (softphone) application over to SIP. Thanks to your SDK it looks like I’m going to deliver on time.

If you ever need a reference please don’t hesitate to ask.

Clay Greene

PictureWindow Software LLC

ABTO Software VoIP SIP SDK is a very useful product combined with a first class service. Thanks to ABTO Software for immediate responses with really useful hints and solutions.
Uwe MMARKUS SOFTware GmbHarkus
Manolya Education Company Istanbul
We were looking for intelligent solutions in short time, we met with ABTO and we are pleased

Seyfullah BURUL / IT Department Manager
Manolya Education Company Istanbul / Turkey

Peter Bagshaw New York Software Consultancy
I had been looking at many of the VOIP SDK’s that were available and tried demo’s to see how they worked, nearly all were too complex and did not have full working demos. My project didn’t have any scope for time spent learning all the particulars of VOIP so I wanted something that provided a good API to abstract the inner workings of VOIP so I could just get on with writing the functional parts.
What impressed me about Voip SIP SDK was the working demo app that comes with it which has all the common and some more advanced features implemented already so you have a working project on which to base your own adaptation. You can even use the demo app as a good VoIP client without any modification.
The demo is written in an uncomplicated fashion to help show usage of the SDK and good documentation was available where more explanation was needed.
Highly recommended VoIP SIP SDK, fully featured and highly productive.

Peter Bagshaw
New York Software Consultancy

IDEEE Studio Inc.

For us, ABTO provided the best SDK.

The Price is reasonable. Although the function isn’t as completed as some SDK in the Market. But it fit perfectly for our needs.

The setting is simple. It can be implemented into our app in a significantly short time.

But the most importantly, the support team is great, feedback in 24 hrs most times with real solution.

IDEEE Studio Inc.

Dennis Chang

Insaaf Voip

Finding the right partner for our SIP software development needs for different platforms was not an easy task, after evaluating different vendors, we selected Abto Sofwares as our SDK partner. Fortunately today we feel proud to have Abto Software as our SIP SDK provider, as their SDKs really helped us developing the right product within our time frame and their support on SDK is also very quick and helpful. We are really thankful to you Abto Softwares.

Muhammad Shakil
IT Manager
Insaaf Voip