VoIP SIP SDK for Windows


VoIP SIP SDK makes communication a pleasant experience 🙂

ABTO Software offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol ) SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) SDK (Software Development Kit).

Our Standard VoIP SIP SDK includes:

  • ActiveX solution (dll library);
  • ready-to-use sample applications, written on C++, C#, VB.Net, and Delphi with source code;
  • detailed technical documentation in the package;
  • technical support for customers via e-mails, chat, and collaboration tools.

Benefits of VoIP SIP SDK:

  • unlimited number of simultaneous connections;
  • unlimited number of users;
  • satisfaction guaranteed.

Who can use our SIP SDK:

  • developers that can create customized softphone client solutions for corporate customers and individual users.
  • experienced users that can try finished softphone samples and contact us to modify these applications according to their needs.
Everything is easier when you have VoIP SIP SDK!

What can you have with VoIP SIP SDK:

  • branded softphone for Windows (all versions including Windows 8);
  • adding VoIP features to ERP systems, CRM solutions, etc;
  • custom dialer;
  • call center software;
  • web chat for communication on corporate sites and social networks.

To find more details about Standard VoIP SIP SDK please proceed to full list of its features.

To try our SIP SDK for 10 days please visit our Download page. Your feedback will be appreciated.

If you are interested in purchasing our VoIP SDK, please request a quote. Our sales representative will contact you briefly after that using the provided contact details.